Mary Davidson

Much of Mary Davidson's inspiration  comes from flowers and still life objects around her studio or the land and seascapes of the Scottish West Coast.  The islands of Mull and Iona have been a great source of inspiration for her over  many years.   The constantly changing colour and light combined with her mental images of Peploe and Cadell walking the same paths and painting the same rocks 100 years before, challenge her to translate the landscape into paint.  She strives to paint the exceptional light and crystal colours of these well walked Islands.

Mary's paintings are not just about capturing a scene with complete accuracy - her paintings are concerned with responses to the moods and atmospheres generated by landscapes and still life., 'For me the real excitement builds once the imagination takes over and the paint begins to work for me.  I love the feel of paint.    I work in oils using brushes, knives, fingers, indeed almost anything to hand, to produce the desired result.

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